Elevate Esthetics Ingrown Solution Intense (Kit)


Anyone with coarse, curly hair that needs extra help with lifting hair from a potential ingrown position. This is great for those with persistent problematic ingrowns.

Shavers or waxers will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliation of fruit and sugar acids that will break the bond of dead skin that will clog up any hair removal treatment. Willowbark, a beta-hydroxy keeps pores clear while aloe hydrates.

What's in it:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids for surface, water-based exfoliation of Bilberry, Maple, Magic, Lactic, Glycolic. Along with Willowbark a Beta-Hydroxy (oil clearing exfoliation) for in pore exfoliation. All of this magic is in a liquid Aloe base for deep, soothing hydration so the skin can heal itself and stay strong.


How to use it:

Spray every day for smooth, enzymatically exfoliated skin.

Use once a day, just before bed, for best results. Can be used twice a day to eliminate ingrowns or rash.

Can also be used face & body


Exfoliating Brush: 

Remove dead skin and physically lift out ingrown hair. 

How to use: Use gentle, circular brushing on DRY skin. Brush (at least) once every day. Brush just before hair removal to get a quicker and more thorough result. 


*Do not brush in the 24 hours just after hair removal. Clean with a mist of alcohol.

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