Miss Selby's Bar Soap Tropical Sunset


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Why Natural Soap?

Commercial soap and body products are notoriously filled with multiple potentially harmful chemicals that can have a negative effect on your skin and health with repeated use. Natural soap is better for your skin, the environment and your overall health. Our natural soap is made with the highest quality natural ingredients to nourish and moisturize your skin with each use. We refuse to use parabens and sulfates in all of our products.

What Makes Miss Selby's Soap Different?

We believe that natural soap does not have to be boring, so why should it? All of our soaps are super fun, but also wonderful for your skin. We use a FULL 30% natural, unrefined raw shea butter in every bar as well as organic coconut oil and olive oil. We use absolutely NO cheap "filler oils" in ANY of our soaps. We believe not all-natural soaps are made the same, and the high content of expensive oils in our bars of soap is what sets our natural soap apart from all of the rest. All of our bar soaps are colored with natural herbs and clays to achieve our signature two-toned look, and we lightly scent our soaps with either 100% pure essential oils (100% natural section) or phthalate-free fragrance oils(95% natural section). Our soaps will make your skin look and feel softer and healthier after just ONE use.

Can I use this soap if I have SUPER sensitive skin?

Yes!! Miss Selby's Soap began as a way for Renee Selby to help soothe her daughter's severe eczema. Renee began to make all of her daughter's body care products herself due to the extreme sensitivity her daughter experienced with mainstream body products, even natural ones. Our products are wonderful for all skin types - especially sensitive and problematic skin! We understand that everyone is different, and can be sensitive to even natural ingredients, but we strive to offer products for everyone! Our company strives to make natural products that are pretty & fun, so that those of us with sensitive skin are not stuck using BORING natural products!